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"SAM" 1911 Census


SAMPSON/SAMSON 1911 census 119.001.00 family 008  @ca.on.simcoe_county.machedash_township page 001 electoral district of Simcoe East
42 008 008 SAMPSON/SAMSON Arthur Roger part West half lot 8 con 3 m head married Apr 1869 41 Eng
43 SAMPSON/SAMSON {?} Emily f wife married Oct 1871 39 Eng
44 SAMPSON/SAMSON Florence Mary f dtr single Dec 1900 10 Ont
45 SAMPSON/SAMSON Dudley m son single Dec 1902 8
46 SAMPSON/SAMSON George m son single Nov 1905 5 Ont
47 SAMPSON/SAMSON John Arthur m son single sep Sep 1908 2 Ont
    48 blank line
49 HARRIS Thomas Edw e1/2 l6 c2 m lodger single Oct 1890 20
    dwelling 9 family 9 started colums 1 and wife 2 then changed to "on this farm"
    50 blank line
    indexed 2005 by OGS Simcoe County Branch

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