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"U" 1996 Query

This section of OGSPI includes most of the queries from Ontario Genealogy Society members originally published in the Name Game section of Families during 1996. Contact OGSPI team leader Charles Godwin at if any entry should be updated or changed.


UMPHREY name_game@ca.on.ogs.families 1996-02 published
Mary born 1827 Canada Pa John ? Prnts? Sibs? Mary reltd to John UMPHREY
wf Zella of MI son of John,
grand_son of Samuel and wife Lucinda Woolery UMPHREY Brock Township
How? Cousin? Mary UMPHREY m Peter NOBLE lvd Uxbridge and Mariposa ON til 1860
then Sanilac Co MI til 1913
Janice M WEISZ 2911 Lakehurst Ct Ann Arbor MI 48105 u

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USHER name_game@ca.on.ogs.families 1996-02 published
Seek desc of James bc1857 son of Thomas ALEXANDER and wife Rebecca JOHNSTON
& Agnes SNODDY bc1863 prnts Matthew SNODDY and wife Jane DUNCAN Ironside PQ
James died 1943 Ottawa Agnes died 1946 Kingston children : William m McFALL,
Ida/Nellie m EVOY, Ethel m BOOTH, Agnes m USHER, Mary m NORRIS,
Caroline, CARNEGIE lvd Kingston, Adeline died 1914, Jean/ Joan dc1921,
Grace m CLARKE
Write Mrs Geraldine M McINTOSH 1041 Cortell St North Vancouver BC V7P 2A2

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