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"Q" 1995 Query

This section of OGSPI includes most of the queries from Ontario Genealogy Society members originally published in the Name Game section of Families during 1995. Contact OGSPI team leader Charles Godwin at if any entry should be updated or changed.


QUINNEY name_game@ca.on.ogs.families 1995-02 published
Uriah bl841 Eng died 1922 London ON M Ann WILKE/ WELK,
em c1870 setld London area children :
George born 1861, Franklin born 1862, Martha born 1864,
Daniel bc1867, Louisa bc1868,
Mark born 1870, Alfred born 1872, Mary Jane bc1875, Robert born 1878,
Ernest born 1880, Sarah bc1881, Charlotte born 1883.
Uriah is my grgrpa Seek nms of Uriah's prnts and sibs and bpl.
Allan HICK 1206 Deer Run Mississauga ON L5C 3R6

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QUINSEY name_game@ca.on.ogs.families 1995-05 published
Thomas Allen, Provincial Land Surveyor mar 1851 Annie M HAMILTON
Lvd Hamilton 1 ch son C. A. BLYTH
Thomas died 1873 Seek photograph and other info for purposes of obit to be published
by Association of Ontario Land Surveyors
Write John QUINSEY 2678 Homelands Drive Mississauga ON L5K 1H8

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