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"McK" 1960-1969 Obituary


McKENZIE o@ca.on.grey_county.hanover.the_hanover_post 1962-01-31 published
Shoots Self In Mildmay Gaol
George WITTACKER, 42, of Kincardine was found shot to death in the Mildmay lockup Saturday afternoon only a short time after he had been taken into custody by Mildmay Police Chief Clayton LOBSINGER.
A 22-calibre rifle was lying nearby. Authorities said that WITTACKER took his own life. There will be an inquest.
Earlier in the day Chief LOBSINGER had received a telephone call from Chief of Police Robert McKENZIE of Kincardine asking the Mildmay chief to detain WITTACKER if he was found in that vicinity. WITTACKER's estranged wife, the former Lyla KAUFMAN, lives in Mildmay.
Chief LOBSINGER later took WITTAKER into custody, locked him up, and telephoned Chief McKENZIE. When he returned from making the phone call he found WITTACKER dead.
"It makes me feel ill just to talk about it," said the chief. "I never thought to check the man, because no one had indicated he might be armed, and besides I had known him quite well."
A rifle had been taken from WITTACKER on Thursday by the Kincardine chief, and later it was reported that another had been stolen on Friday night.
"He must have had it broken down," said Chief LOBSINGER.
He said, too, that it had been discovered WITTACKER had shot himself in the shoulder last fall.
Dr. T.A. SINCLAIR of Walkerton, the coroner, ordered an inquest.
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