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"OU" 1939-1949 War and Military

Many Ontario cenotaphs used initials instead of given names. An excellent site with full names and details is the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
contact John Allan if you are willing to transcribe a cenotaph or other war memorial for OGSPI


OUELLET w@ca.on.nipissing_district.north_bay 1939-1945 rebuilt memorial wall - names on right side of main arch
indexed 2012 by John and Lynda Allan of OGS

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OUELLETTE w@ca.on.kenora.kenora 1939-1945 memorial
OUELLETTE S. J. Kenora Lakewood School
OUELLETTE S. J. Kenora Legion cairn
OUELLETTE S. J. Kenora town cenotaph
OUELLETTE S. Kenora Notre Dame RC
indexed 1998 for OGSPI by Robert H. Gray of Kenora

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OUTRAM w@ca.on.carleton_county.ottawa.saint_andrew_presbyterian 1939-1945
"To the Glory of God and his Sacred Memory of Those from this Church Who Died on Active Service that we Might Live and in Gratitude for Those Whom it Pleased God to Bring Home Again"
OUTRAM John C. served WW2
transcribed by Mike Schryer July 2000

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