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"YU" 1890-1899 Marriage


YUILL m@ca.on.renfrew_county.renfrew 1891
YUILL James son of YUILL Walter and wife LETT Alice
to VIRGIN Clara dtr of VIRGIN William and wife HOLDEN Eliza
witnesses: MAUSEN William of Madawaska and HOLDEN Hattie of Renfrew
minister ALBUM Carl
Ontario Vital Statistics 010399-1891 LDS1870469
VIRGIN Clarifer 7 with parents Bagot and wife Blythefield 1871 census district 081c family 151
YUILL James 19 and VIRGIN Clarie 17 Bagot and wife Blythefield 1881 census district 113k family 0049
note: preliminary research by OGS Sudbury Branch indicates that YUILL Walter widower father of YUILL James married Eliza widow mother of VIRGIN Clara
so they were actualy unrelated step siblings.
contact Fay Bennett if you are researching these

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YUSFILA m@ca.on.sudbury_district.sudbury.epiphany_anglican 1898
YUSFILA Michael son of YUSFILA Matti and wife Maria
aka JUSFILA Michael
to YOUPPI Lisi aka TOUPPI Lisi dtr of YOUPPI Yisher and wife Anna Liisa
witnesses: LOOLERBACK Henry and ULBRICHT Catherine.
minister ULBRICHT Frans.
indexed by OGS Sudbury Branch

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