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"A" 1895 Marriage by Groom Surname


ANDERSON m@ca.on.muskoka_district.huntsville_forester 1895-01-04 published
ANDERSON Mr J. to QUIRT Miss Jennie page 2
indexed 1998 at Huntsville Public Library

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ANGRIGNON m@ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc 1895
ANGRIGNON Adélard son of ANGRIGNON Jean Baptiste and wife JOANNETTE Angélique (married 1858)
to LAVIGNE Marie Louise dtr of LAVIGNE Adrien and BERTRAND Philomene
source: Repertoire des Mariages Sépultures Paroise Saint André Avelin 1851-1975 par La Société Historique Saint André Avelin (book at Sudbury Public Library)
"ANGRION" family Saint André Avelin 1881 census district 097q family 0056
Saint André Avelin research by members of OGS Sudbury Branch

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ARMSTRONG m@ca.on.peterborough_county.peterborough 1895-09-11
ARMSTRONG John James age 23 of Peterborough born Cavan Township s/o ARMSTRONG William and wife McLEOD Ann
to IRWIN Ann Jane age 22 of Emily Township born Emily Township daughter of IRWIN John and wife McCORELL Annie
McCORELL Annie in 1895 wedding record
McCARREL Annie in other sources
witnesses: NICHOLLS William of Peterborough and TOLE Lillie of Omemee
source: Ontario Vital Statistics 1895-010906
ARMSTRONG John 1 with parents Cavan Township 1871 census district 051c3 family 084
ARMSTRONG John 11 with parents Emily Township 1881 census district 129d1 family 0059
ARMSTRONG John 23 with parents Cavan Township 1891 census district 058a3 family 094
IRWIN Ann Jane 6 with parents Emily Township 1881 census district 129d1 family 0093
ERWIN Ann Jane 16 with parents Emily Township 1891 census district 121b1 family 084

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AVON m@ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_polycarpe 1895
AVON Mederic son of AVON François and wife FARAND/PHARAND Nathalie (married 1858)
to FARAND/PHARAND Marie Josephte dtr of FARAND/PHARAND Joseph and wife COUSINEAU Octavie
son AVON Germain married 1945 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_polycarpe to LEROUX Irene
son AVON Fernand married 1938 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_telesphore to BERIAULT Rosa
son AVON Rene married 1939 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_telesphore to DESFORGES Lucille
source: Mariages du Comte de Soulanges 1752-1977 section "A"
AVON Mederic 8 with parents Saint Polycarpe 1881 census district 074a1 family 0167
FARAND/PHARAND Marie Josephte 4 with parents Saint Polycarpe 1881 census district 074a2 family 0125

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