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"LY" 1880-1889 Marriage


LYLE m@ca.on.durham_county.darlington 1889-10-16
OKE Thomas age 25 of Darlington born Eng bachelor farmer Meth son of OKE William and LYLE Elizabeth Ann
to OKE Lillie Maud age 19 of Darlington born Darlington spinster Meth dtr of OKE Walter and wife TRIMBLE Louisa
witnesses: OKE W. H. and OKE Sarah Louisa of Darlington
clergyman LIDDY Rev James
source: lds1870304 Ontario Vital Statistics 1889-008615
OKE Lillie 1 with parents Darlington 1871 census district 050a3 family 245
OKE Lillie M. 11 with parents Darlington 1881 census district 128a3 family 0101
OKE Thomas 26 and wife Lillie 21 Whitby East Township 1891 census district 101d1 family 133
contact Jim Oke if you are searching OAK aka OAKE aka OKE

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LYNCH m@ca.on.renfrew_county.pembroke 1889
FRANCOEUR David son of FRANCOEUR Louis and wife LYNCH Mary
to GIGUERE Teresa dtr of GIGUERE Andrew and wife O'BRIEN Bridget
FRANCOEUR David 2 with parents 1861 census district on363 p04 line 19
FRANCOEUR David 13 Rolph_Buchannan_Wiley 1871 census district 082k1 family 023
FRANCOEUR David 22 farmer Rolph_Buchannan_Wiley 1881 census district 114i family 0106

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