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"O" 1886 Marriage by Groom Surname


OBUMSAWIN m@ca.qc.ottawa_county.point_gatineau.saint_francois_de_salles_rc 1886
(1800's Ottawa County Que later split into Gatineau, Papineau, Labelle)
OBUMSAWIN Joseph (" Jean Simon") son of OBUMSAWIN Simon and DEGONZIAGUE Cathrine
to MIRON Zo dtr of MIRON Joseph and THIBEAULT Zo
Zo 20 with parents Gatineau 1881 census district 097cc family 0225
Joseph 26 and Zo 28 Chelmsford 1891 census district 046aa family 136
O'BUMSAWIN Joseph 33 and Zo 35 Dowling 1901 census district 092z.1 family 003
Joseph 46 and Zo 52 Dowling Township 1911 census district 054.024.00 family 011
son OBUMSAWIN Joseph Ernest married 1910 @ca.on.sudbury_district.chelmsford.saint_joseph_rc to MENARD Eva
son OBUMSAWIN Oscar married 1910 @ca.on.sudbury_district.chelmsford.saint_joseph_rc to MENARD Anna
son OBUMSAWIN Albert married 1916 @ca.on.sudbury_district.chelmsford.saint_joseph_rc to BYRNES Mary
son OBUMSAWIN Abraham married 1922 @ca.on.sudbury_district.chelmsford.saint_joseph_rc to BYRNES Winnie
dtr OBUMSAWIN Delina married 1924 @ca.on.sudbury_district.chelmsford.saint_joseph_rc to BEAUDRY Alexandre

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