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"R" 1879 Marriage by Groom Surname


RACICOT m@ca.on.prescott_county.alfred.lefaivre.saint_thomas_rc 1879
RACICOT Joseph son of RACICOT Charles and wife MARCOTTE Emilie (married 1836)
to CLAVEL Rose-Emma aka CLAVELLE dtr of CLAVEL Joseph and wife BRAZEAU Aline
RACICOT Joseph 25 and wife Rose Emma 18 Montebello 1881 census district 097p family 0011
RACICOT Joseph 38 and wife Rose-Emma 29 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 020
RACICOT Joseph 49 and wife Rosemmea 38 Wahnapitae Village 1901 census district 092v.1 family 020
dtr RACICOT Julia married 1897 @ca.on.sudbury_district.wahnapitae to PHILIPS William

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REGIMBAL m@ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc 1879
REGIMBAL Zotique son of REGIMBAL Augustin and VILLENEUVE Flavie (married 1855)
to LAVALLEE Celina dtr of LAVALLEE Moïse and LAURIN Marie (married 1853)
source: Repertoire des Mariages Sépultures Paroise Saint André Avelin 1851-1975 par La Société Historique Saint André Avelin (book at Sudbury Public Library)
Zotique 13 with parents Saint Andre Avelin 1871 census district 095f family 168
Zotique 34 and Celina 31 Chelmsford 1891 census district 046aa family 088
son REGIMBAL Joseph Wilfred married 1902 @ca.on.sudbury_district.chelmsford.saint_joseph_rc to CHARTRAND Florida
Saint Andre Avelin research by members of OGS Sudbury Branch

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REID m@ca.on.wellington_county.guelph 1879 published
REID Duncan and AGNEW Sarah Ann married 1879
contact OGS Wellington County Branch for newspaper reference

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RENAUD m@ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc 1879
RENAUD Jean François son of feu RENAUD Anselme and wife GERVAIS Nathalie
to GAUTHIER Julienne d/o feu GAUTHIER Jean Baptiste and wife CLOUTIER/CLOUTHIER Julienne
source: Répertoire des Mariages de la paroise Catholique de Sainte Cecile de Masham 1853-1963 item 175
Julienne 16 Masham 1871 census district 093e1 family 089

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ROCQUE m@ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc 1879
ROCQUE/ LAROCQUE Ferdinand son of feu ROCQUE/ LAROCQUE Antoine and LAPOLISSE Scholastique
to MARCOTTE Marie Octavie dtr of feu MARCOTTE Martin and RACICOT Emilie
Ferdinand 1 with parents Saint André Avelin 1851 census qc274b page 084 line 36
Ferdinand 21 voyageur Saint André Avelin 1871 census district 095f family 135
Octavie 5 with parents Saint André Avelin 1861 census qc414a page 520 line 15
Octavie 15 with parents Saint André Avelin 1871 census district 095f family 251
Saint Andre Avelin research by members of OGS Sudbury Branch

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RUMBALL m@ca.on.muskoka_district.stephenson_township 1879
Groom: Charles RUMBALL
Groom Age: 53
Groom Living Location: Mary Lake
Groom Birth: Boulonge, France
Groom Parents: Thomas and Mary RUMBALL
Groom Religion: English Church
Bride: Florence John BARDER MOODY
Bride Age: 15
Bride Living Location: Lot 16 concession 8, Stephenson Township
Bride Birth: Cheshire, England
Bride Parents: John BARDER and Christina C. MOODY
Bride Religion: English Church
witnesses: A. Sydney SMITH and Gertrude RUMBALL, both of Stephenson Township
Date: September 4, 1879
Location: Lot 16 concession 6, Stephenson Township
Official: Reverend M. LOOKE
Registration: 006837 Daniel BAIN
Charles m1 to SANDERS Catharine
Charles 45 and wife Catharine 36 Wilmot 1871 census district 031a2 family 018
Charles 55 and Florence John 17 Brunel and Stephenson 1881 census district 131j family 0009

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