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"EM" 1850-1859 Marriage


EMERY m@ca.on.perth_county 1859
EMERY William s/o EMERY George and wife Mary age 29 residence Stratford born Cambridgeshire England
married 1859-04-09 to
WILLIAMS Mary Ann d/o WILLIAMS George and wife Elizabeth age 27 residence London England born London England
source: County Marriage Registers of Ontario 1858-1869 Volume 17 Perth County page035

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EMOND m@ca.qc.temiscouata.saint_antonin_rc 1858
EMOND Ferdinand
to TREMBLAY Sophie
"Ferdinand" 36 and wife Sophie 34 Lac Teminiscouata 1871 census district 166o2 family 151
"Ferdinand" 48 and wife Sophie 44 Saint Etienne 1881 census district 084d1 page 48#247
"Frank" 60 and wife Sophie 58 Tay 1891 census district 116l3 family 107
"Francis" born 1836 and wife Sophie born 1836 Tay 1901 census district 113m5 family 038
above family researched 1994 by descendant GAGNON Joseph @ca.on.simcoe_county.midland

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