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"PH" 1840-1849 Marriage


PHILIPPE m@ca.qc.ottawa_county.aylmer.saint_paul_rc 1846
location aka@ca.qc.gatineau.aylmer
SINCENNES Magloire son of SINCENNES Jean Baptiste and LAPOINTE Marie
to VAILLANT Priscille dtr of VAILLANT Gabriel and LACROIX Josephte
son SINCENNES Theophils married 1873 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecille_rc to PHILIPPE Melina
son SINCENNES Magloire married 1885 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecille_rc to CODERRE Clémance
source: Mariages du Comte de Gatineau section "S"
"SAINSEINE" Magloire 52 and Constance 52 Masham 1871 census district 093e1 family 036
"SAINCENNE" Siena Magloire 62 widower Masham 1881 census district 097gg1 family 0011

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PHILIPS m@ca.on.bathurst_district 1848
HOPPER William of Huntley
to EVANS Jane of Richmond
witnesses: EVANS David and PHILIPS Anthony
clergyman SMITH John Presb Beckwith
source: lds1030051

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PHREBE m@ca.qc.riviere_du_loup.riviere_du_loup.saint_patrice_rc 1846
BECHARD Theophile son of BECHARD Narcisse and wife SAINT_PIERRE Emerence (married 1815)
to MIGNER-LAGACE Marie Olympe daughter of MIGNER- LAGACE Joseph and PHREBE Marie Angélique

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