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"DO" 1840-1849 Marriage


DORE m@ca.qc.huntingdon_county.saint_anicet 1842
DUGAS Antoine son of DUGAS Antoine and FOBERT Marie
to DORE Françoise dtr of DORE Pierre and URTIBISE Françoise
aka (HURTUBISEsilent "H")
source: lds1031573,1031574 Saint Anicet parish records

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DORION m@ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_polycarpe 1843
LEBLANC Pierre son of LEBLANC Joseph and DESCHAMPS Josephte
to LABOURSOLIÈRE Sophie dtr of LABOURSOLIÈRE Jacques and DESCHAMPS Angélique
dtr LEBLANC Angélique married 1860 to DORION Ephrem
source: Mariages du Comte de Soulanges

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DOUCET m@ca.on.bathurst_district 1847
GOUGEON Arsene son of GOUGEON Pierre and wife BRISSET Marie Reine (married 1819)
Arsene of unsurveyed m1 1847 @ca.on.bathurst_district to EVANS Catherine of unsurveyed"
witnesses: TRICKEY John and TRICKEY {EVANS} Abigail
clergyman SHALER Rev Henry lds1030051 folio 114
Catherine died 1859
Arsene widower m2 1861 @ca.qc.pontiac_county.alumette_island.chapeau.saint_alphonsus_rc to O'DONNELL Bridget born Ire daughter of O'DONNELL Arthur and HEARN Margaret
Arsene age 40 and wife Bridget age 26 Rolph Buchannan Wiley 1871 census district 082k1 family 026
Arsene age 53 and wife Bridget age 40 Rolph Buchannan Wiley 1881 census district 114i family 0099
son (m1) GOUGEON Arsene jr m1 1872 @ca.on.renfrew_county.pembroke.saint_columbikile_rc to STEWARD/STEWART/STUART Mary Jane
son (m1) GOUGEON Arsene jr widower m2 1891 @ca.on,sudbury.sudbury to MATHESON Harriet
son (m1) GOUGEON Alfred/Frederick married 1876 @ca.on.renfrew_county.pembroke.saint_columbikile_rc to DUKE Sarah
dtr (m1) GOUGEON Elizabeth married 1877 @ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc to DOUCET Eugene
son (m2) GOUGEON Robert married 1885 @ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc to RYAN Margaret
dtr (m2) GOUGEON Margaret married 1892 @ca.on.nipissing_district.north_bay to CAVANAGH William
contact John Allan if you have EVANS ancestral trail

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DOUCET m@ca.qc.montreal.notre_dame_rc 1841-02-22
BEAUCHAMP Gatien son of BEAUCHAMP Jacques and wife PAIMENT Theotiste (married 1811)
PAIMENT- LARIVIERE in some documents, Theotiste aka Meatis
Gatien m1 1841 @ca.qc.montreal.notre_dame_rc to GOUGEON Henriette dtr of GOUGEON Pierre and GAUTHIER Rose
source: (m1) fiche index Societie Franco Ontarien de Histoire et de Genealogie Sudbury
Gatien widower m2 1872 @ca.on.simcoe_county.tiny.penetanguishine.sainte_anne_rc to LAPLUME Emilie aka Aurelie aka Milena dtr of LAPLUME Louis and DUBORD Adelaide
"BEAUCHAND" Gatien 74 and Milena 51 Tiny Township 1891 census district 116m3 family 157
source: (m2) lds1305885,1305886,1305887 Sainte Anne RC Penetanguishine
(dtrm1) BEAUCHAMP Henriette married 1863 to BRASSEUR Eustache
(sonm1) BEAUCHAMP Desire m1 1869 to PILON Zoe
(sonm1) BEAUCHAMP Desire widower m2 1871 to GAUTHIER Louise
(sonm1) BEAUCHAMP Felix married 1872 to LAHAYE Justine
(sonm1) BEAUCHAMP Treffle married 1873 to LAPLUME Dorothy
(dtrm1) BEAUCHAMP Mathilde married 1874 to LALONDE Louis
(sonm1) BEAUCHAMP Joseph married 1880 to DUBEAU Clemence
(sonm1) BEAUCHAMP Moses married 1880 to DOUCET Clemence
(dtrm1) BEAUCHAMP Constantine married 1884 to PLOUFFE Francis
(dtrm2) BEAUCHAMP Melina married 1891 to CHARLEBOIS Joseph
(sonm2) BEAUCHAMP Wilfred married 1897 to POIRIER Rose
(dtrm2) BEAUCHAMP Delina married 1898 to COMTOIS Napoleon
(sonm2) BEAUCHAMP Gatien m1 1902 to LACROIX Celine
(sonm2) BEAUCHAMP Gatien widower m2 1933 to FRANCOEUR Yvonne
more in Tiny Township marriage books

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DOUGHERTY m@ie.county_tyrone.strabane 1846-06-04
DOUGHERTY James age 23 bachelor ocupation blacksmith address Kilstrol s/o DOUGHERTY William occupation land steward married 1846-06-04 to
JONES Eleanor age 20 spinster address Lower Gallon d/o JONES James occupation farmer
winesses: DUNCAN Robert and BATES Samuel
DOUGHERTY James 30 and wife Ellen 30 Easthope North Township 1851 census on280 page 049 line 27
DOUGHERTY James 35 and wife Ellen 32 Easthope_North Township 1861 census on307 page 053 line 06
DOUGHERTY James 50 and wife Elliner 50 Easthope_North Township 1871 census district 030d3 family 087
DOUGHERTY James 64 and wife Ellen 60 Easthope_North Township 1881 census district 172d2 family 0099

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DOUGHERTY - All Categories in OGSPI