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"C" 1832 Marriage by Groom Surname


CHARLEBOIS m@ca.qc.huntingdon_county.saint_anicet_rc 1832
CHARLEBOIS Amable son of CHARLEBOIS François and wife VALOIS Marie (married 1796)
to BEAUCHESNE Isabelle aka Elizabeth aka RACINE dtr of BEAUCHESNE Michel and ROUSSEAU Catherine
dtr CHARLEBOIS Elizabeth married 1853 to LEBLANC Narcisse
son CHARLEBOIS Pierre married 1854 to QUESNEL Anastasie
dtr CHARLEBOIS Catherine married 1855 to QUESNEL François Xavier
son CHARLEBOIS Amable married 1861 to LEMAY- DELORME Elizabeth
son CHARLEBOIS Israel married 1863 to LEMAY- DELORME Catherine
dtr CHARLEBOIS Aurelie married 1863 to BERCIER Gedeon
source: lds1031573,1031574 Saint Anicet parish records
son CHARLEBOIS Calixte married 1871 @ca.on.simcoe_county.tiny.lafontaine.saint_croix_rc to SAUVÉ Felina
son CHARLEBOIS Toussaint married 1872 @ca.on.simcoe_county.tiny.penetanguishine.sainte_anne_rc to DUBEAU Parmelia
son CHARLEBOIS Israel married 1878 @ca.on.simcoe_county.tiny.penetanguishine.sainte_anne_rc to SAUVÉ Salome
more in Tiny Township marriage books
Ontario CHARLEBOIS descendants linked by OGS Simcoe County Branch

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CHARRON m@ca.qc.joliette_county.sainte_elizabeth_rc 1832
CHARRON- DUCHARME Louis Etienne son of CHARRON- DUCHARME Jean Baptiste and wife LESEIGE Marie Louise (married 1795)
to JOLI Félicité aka JOLY dtr of JOLI Joseph and LATOUR- FORGET Marie Felicite
son DUCHARME George married 1887 @ca.on.nipissing_district.mattawa.sainte_anne_rc to BOURGEOIS Josephine

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CHATELOIS m@ca.qc.soulanges_county.les_cedres.saint_joseph_rc 1832
CHATELOIS Jean Baptiste son of CHATELOIS Jean Baptiste and wife LALONDE Elizabeth (married 1804)
to MARCOUX Josephte dtr of MARCOUX Charles and POIRIER Angélique
dtr CHATELOIS Josephte married 1851 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_polycarpe_rc to CUILLERIER Jean Baptiste
son CHATELOIS Joseph married 1871 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_polycarpe_rc to LALONDE Hermine
son CHATELOIS Honore married 1887 @ca.qc.soulanges_county.saint_clet_rc to BESNER Rosina
source: Mariages du Comte de Soulanges 1752-1977 section "C"
Jean Baptiste 64 and Josephte 58 Saint Polycarpe 1871 census district 110b2 family 053

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CHENIER/CHENÉ m@ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.saint_benoit_rc 1832
CHENIER/CHENÉ Antoine Bernard son of CHENIER/CHENÉ Antoine and DICAIRE Cécile
to RABY Louise Theophile dtr of RABY Pierre and wife BERTRAND Louise (married 1797)
source: lds0543815 Loiselle "R"
son CHENIER/CHENÉ Emilien married 1863 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc to GAREAU Sophie

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CLAVEL m@ca.qc.terrebonne_county.sainte_anne_des_plaines_rc 1832
CLAVEL Pascal son of CLAVEL Pascal and wife THIBAULT Marie (married 1801)
Pascal m1 1826 @ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.saint_eustache_rc to AMYOT- VILLENEUVE Marguerite
Pascal widower m2 1832 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.sainte_anne_des_plaines_rc to ROBERT- FÂCHE Josephte
"CLAVEL- SAINT_LOUIS" Pascal widower m3 1849 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to MONET Scholastique
son (m2) CLAVEL Stanislas married 1870 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to SAUVÉ Egliphire
dtr (m2) CLAVEL Mathilde married 1877 @ca.qc.terrebonne_county.saint_jerome_rc to CYR Janvier
source: lds0543686 Loiselle "C"
CLAVEL surname research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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CONSTANTINEAU m@ca.qc.deux_montagnes_county.sainte_scholastique_rc 1832
to CLAVEL Judith dtr of CLAVEL Pascal and wife THIBAULT Marie (married 1801)
CLAVEL surname research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch
source: lds0543686 Loiselle "C"

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