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"OK" 1820-1829 Marriage


OKE m@eng.cornwall.parkham 1821
The ELLIOT/ELLIOTT family provides a typical example of how extensive these Canadian connections could become. (6) Agnes DARK of Parkham married John ELLIOT/ELLIOTT, a farmer of Lopthorne in Morwenstow (Cornwall) at Parkham in 1821.
John 74 and Agnes 75 Hope Township 1871 census district 051a5 family 036
John and Agnes ELLIOT/ELLIOTT, his widowed mother Catherine, two younger brothers Henry (bap. 1809) and James (bap.1806) and sister Harriett (bap.1811) later moved to Bucks in Parkham where John was listed in 1829 as occupying the mill.
Henry, after learning the trade of miller at Bucks, sailed for Port Hope, Ontario, on the 4th May 1831, in the Bollina and after arriving in Canada married another Devonshire emigrant, Mary OKE of Bradworthy, by whom he had seven children.
Henry 62 and wife Mary 59 Darlington Township 1871 census district 050a3 family 178
John and Agnes ELLIOT/ELLIOTT emigrated to Port Hope probably between 1831 and 1834.
Harriet ELLIOT/ELLIOTT married William BRAUND at Woolsery in 1836 and later emigrated to Port Hope taking their first two children, Keziah and William Henry with them.
William 66 and Harriett 60 Port Hope Town 1871 census district 051b2 family 270
James ELLIOT/ELLIOTT married Sarah PENNEY in Woolsery in 1836 and they too emigrated to Port Hope, where they had 8 children.
James 64 and Sarah 59 Hope Township 1871 census district 051a2 family 028
At some, probably early point, Catherine, the widow, joined the rest of her family in Canada.
Following Harriet BRAUND's death on the 22nd October 1891 the Port Hope Weekly Guide reported that no less than 26 individuals called ELLIOT/ELLIOTT attended her funeral, all of them related.
All these families appear to have prospered in Canada. Henry ELLIOT/ELLIOTT, who became the very prosperous owner of a large mill in Hampton, Ontario, a Justice of the Peace and treasurer of his local council. (7) He died at Hampton on the 20th March 1905 aged 95 years, 9 months.
William BRAUND "the first saltwater sailor to settle in Port Hope," became the owner and operator of the 122 ton schooner Sarah which sailed Lake Ontario.
(8) John and James Elliott became farmers.
One of the most striking features of the emigration is that many of the migrants departed not from the Atlantic ports of Plymouth and Bristol but from Appledore and Bideford. When, in 1831, the Apollo, Calypso and Bacchus, bound for New York, St. Andrews and Montreal left from Bideford some 5000 people were reported as lining the Quay and Long Bridge to wave farewell.
(9) For farewell it was.
details from website by Peter Bolton of Port Hope

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