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"B" 1827 Marriage by Groom Surname


BAZINET m@ca.qc.laprarie.saint_constant 1827
BAZINET Moïse son of BAZINET Augustin and wife BEAUVAIS Jeanne (married 1775)
to GAGNÉ Catharine dtr of GAGNÉ Michel and PATENAUDE Catharine
son BAZINET Charles m1 1867 to FORTIER Clephire
son BAZINET Charles widower m2 1880 to HENRI Domithilde
10 generation BAZINET chart published Sudbury Le Voyageur 13 Jan 1988

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BEAUDOIN m@ca.qc.assomption.assomption.saint_pierre_du_portage_rc 1827
BEAUDOIN Julien baptised Jean Marie
s/o BEAUDOIN Jean Baptiste and CHARTIER Marie Genevive
to GALARNEAU Angèle dtr of GALARNEAU Pierre and VAILLANT Charlotte
Juillien 69 and Angille 60 Masham 1871 census district 093e1 family 063
Angale 71 widow Masham 1881 census district 097gg1 family 0157
son BEAUDOIN Jules married 1854 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to SINCENNES Odile
dtr BEAUDOIN Edwidge m1 1854 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to CLEMENT Joseph
dtr BEAUDOIN Hedwidge widow m2 1872 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to GOSSELIN Jean
dtr BEAUDOIN Adeline married 1856 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to LEGROS Emilien
son BEAUDOIN Edouard married 1864 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to VAILLANT Luce
son BEAUDOIN George married 1866 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to LEGROS Adele
dtr BEAUDOIN Phélonise married 1868 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to GUEVREMONT Olivier
son BEAUDOIN François Xavier married 1868 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to BRAZEAU Marie Clothilde
dtr BEAUDOIN Marie married 1873 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to MEUNIER Gédéon
dtr BEAUDOIN Denise married 1874 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to LONGPRE Louis

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BELISLE m@ca.qc.ottawa_county.montebello.notre_dame_de_bonsecours_rc 1827
GOYER- BELISLE Augustin son of GOYER- BELISLE Joseph and wife QUENVILLE Angélique (married 1795)
to PROVOST Angélique dtr of PROVOST Jean Baptiste and AUBE Marie Marguerite
"GOYER- BELILE" Augustin 53 and Anglique 50 Saint André Avelin 1861 census qc414a page 520 line 39
Angélique died 1863 age 49
dit surname double entries in OGSPI - this is BELISLE- PROVOST
son GOYER- BELISLE Amédée married 1846 same church to JOUBERT Armesime
Saint André Avelin research 1995-2003 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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BERTRAND m@ca.qc.vaudreuil_county.rigaud.sainte_madeleine_rc 1827
BERTRAND Joseph Vital son of BERTRAND Vital and LEGROS- LECOMTE Suzanne
to BELANGER Julie dtr of BELANGER Vincent and wife HAMEL Rosalie (married 1796)
source: lds1571027 Loiselle index "B" supplement
dtr BERTRAND Julie married 1856 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc to JAURON dit LATULIPPE Jérémie
dtr BERTRAND Philomène married 1858 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc to TREMBLAY Casimir
son BERTRAND Joseph married 1873 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andré_avelin_rc to FORGET dit DESPATIS Aurélie
Joseph Vital 62 and Julie 58 Saint André Avelin 1861 census qc414a page 523 line 37
Joseph Vital 71 and wife Julie 66 Saint André Avelin 1871 census district 095f family 256
Saint André Avelin research 1995-2003 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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BESNER m@ca.qc.soulanges_county.les_cedres.saint_joseph_rc 1827
BESNER Benjamin son of BESNER Jacques and POIRIER Angélique
to LEROUX Marguerite daughter of LEROUX Michel and BISSONNETTE Josephte
son BESNER Olivier married 1857 to SAINT_DENIS Mathilde
source: Mariages du Comte de Soulanges 1752-1977 section B
Benjamin 76 and wife Margerite 71 Saint Clet 1881 census district 074f family 0056

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