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"McPA" 1901 Census


McPARLAND 1901 census 092t1.1 family 015  @ca.on.nipissing_district.north_bay_town division 1 page 002 film T6484 lds1843566
36 BRENNAN Michael m 40 married head
    born Tipperary Ireland
    son of BRENNAN James and wife DOUGHAN Johanna aka Julia
37 BRENNAN {McPARLAND} Roselan f 40 married wife
   linked as maiden name  McPARLAND Roselan
    born Sheenboro Quebec
    dtr of McPARLAND Edward and wife DOWNEY Nancy Ann
    Michael 30 and wife Rose Ellen 31 North_Bay Widdifield Phelps Obrig 1891 census district 095&1/2f family 281
38 BRENNAN Edward J. m 15 single son
39 BRENNAN Mary M. f 13 single dtr
40 BRENNAN Victor L. m 11 single son
41 BRENNAN Thomas W. m 8 single son
42 BRENNAN Mary C. f 6 single dtr
43 BRENNAN Annie E. f 4 single dtr
44 BRENNAN Mary D. A. f 2 single dtr
45 BRENNAN Patrick L. m 11/12 single son
46 BRENNAN {?} Johnak f 77 widow mother
47 BOISVERT Emma m 19 single domestic
48 McPARLAND Milvina f 22 single lodger
    source: isbn-0-7779-1382-8 1901 Census Nipissing - North Bay Town/Ville

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