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"EBB" 1901 Census


EBBIT 1901 census 092i.2 family 001  @ca.on.nipissing_district.bucke_township page 1 film T6483 lds1843565
    geographic file continued from Bucke Township 1901 census district 092i family 048
1 LABELLE James J. m 28 married head
2 LABELLE {?} Mary f 25 married wife
3 SMITH Abraham George m 23 single servant
4 EBBIT Frank Kittson m 28 married servant
5 LARMONTH Jno. H. m 26 single servant
6 PORTEOUS James m 20 single servant
    indexed 1994 by Temiskaming Genealogy Group
    source: isbn-0-7779-1395-X 1901 Census Nipissing - Bucke

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EBBIT 1901 census 092qlo family 001  @ca.on.nipissing_district.lorrain_township (J.R. BOOTH_LUMBER_CAMP at Old Mission Site) film T6484 lds1843566
LABELLE James J. m head born 5 Mar 1873 Que French RC Agent J. R. Booth
LABELLE {?} Mary f wife born 10 Apr 1876 Que Irish RC
SMITH Abraham George m servant born 4 Mar 1878 Ont English Meth Culler
EBBIT Frank KITTSON m servant born 18 Jul 1872 Que Irish Episcop Clerk J. R. Booth
LARMONTH Jno H. m servant born 14 Jul 1874 Que Scot Baptist Clerk J. R. Booth
PORTEOUS James m servant born 10 Feb 1881 Scotland Scot Presb labourer
LABARGE Theophile m head born 11 Aug 1880 Ont French RC labourer
LABARGE {?} Mary Ann f wife born 1 Mar 1873 Que Irish
McCONNELL Eric m head born 10 Sep 1882 Ont Scot Meth Foreman J. R. Booth
McCONNELL {?} Frances f wife born 8 Jun 1868 Que English CE
McCONNELL Florence f dtr born 30 Oct 1883 Ont Scot Meth
McCONNELL Luella G. f dtr born 25 Dec 1890 Ont Scot Meth
McCONNELL Leslie m son born 15 Nov 1899 Ont Scot Meth
POTTER Robert m servant born 6 Feb 1878 Que English Baptist Clerk
BOURBONNAIS Cyprien m servant born 9 Dec 1878 Ont French RC cook
PAQUETTE Arthur m servant born 19 Sep 1881 Que French RC Ass Cook
DENIS Cyprien m servant born 3 Jun 1870 Que French RC
GRENIER Peter m servant born 15 Apr 1878 Que French RC Shantyman
ALLEN William A. m head born 2 Jul 1862 Que English Presb Foreman J. R. Booth
LAFOLLEY Phillip m servant born 5 Jan 1882 Que Irish RC Shantyman
LAVINGE Oliver m servant born 3 Feb 1845 Que French RC Shantyman
GIBEAULT Frank m servant born 3 Apr 1872 NB English RC Shantyman
COETOETERE Nora f head born 15 Mar 1853 Ont French RC farmer
COETOETERE Rosie f grand_dtr born 15 Dec 1885 Ont French RC
MONTRIE Peter m head born 18 Aug 1861 Ont French RC Foreman J. R. Booth
MONTEIL Adolph m servant born 30 Mar 1854 Que French RC Shantyman
MAURIN Louis m servant born 9 Dec 1880 Que French RC Shantyman
FRANCOEUR Alfred m servant born 15 Aug 1879 USA French RC Shantyman
REAMSBOTTOM Alfred m head born 29 May 1864 Ont Irish Presb Contractor J. R. Booth
REAMSBOTTOM Joseph J. m brother born 27 Jul 1874 Que Irish Presb Clerk in shanty
LEGARE Francis m servant born 8 Apr 1864 Que French RC Shantyman
    indexed 1994 by Temiskaming Genealogy Group

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EBBY 1901 census 104f4 family 133  @ca.on.perth_county_north. listowel_town division 4 page 012 film T6490 lds1843572
    note:   Listowel  is on the border between  Elma Township and  Wallace Township
02 133 MORPHY Hugh B. m head married 12 Mar 1859 41 Ont urban Irish CofE lawyer
03 MORPHY {HESS} Magdalena f wife married 31 Jun 1864 31 Ont urban German CofE
   linked as maiden name  HESS Magdalena
04 MORPHY Hugh B. m son single 21 Jun 1890 10 Ont urban Irish CofE
05 MORPHY Marie f dtr single 16 May 1893 7 Ont urban Irish CofE
06 MORPHY Cecil m son single 06 Aug 1896 4 Ont urban Irish CofE
07 HESS William m father_in_law married Mar 1840 60 Germany German Luth cabinet maker
    to Canada 1855 naturalized 1868
08 HESS {?} Elizabeth f mother_in_law married 07 Jan 1841 59 Ont rural German Luth
09 EBBY Clara f dom single Jan 1877 23 Ont rural German Mennonite servant
    census research 2000 2012 by Don and Marilyn Holmes of Listowel Ontario

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