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Membership Advantages

Membership in Other Genealogical Societies

OGS has agreements with the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society and British Columbia Genealogical Society which gives an OGS member a $5.00 discount on their membership in each of those societies.

You must pay full fees for your category in one society (the one in whose province you live) in order to get the discount in the other. If you do not live in either province then you may pick which one is your full-fee Society.

To obtain the discount, get a letter or email from your home society confirming membership or make a photocopy of your current membership card, and send it along with a paper application and a cheque for the fee (less $5.00) to the other society.

To get the letter or email, an OGS member should phone 416-489-0734 or email

For information on the Societies, and print application forms, visit the websites of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society the British Columbia Genealogical Society.