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Types of Memberships

Individual ($61.20)
This membership provides you with all the benefits of the Society.

($7.14 per person)
This membership can be added on to an Individual membership for people at the same address. Only one copy of mailings is sent to the Family; otherwise Family members have the same privileges as Individual members. If the application includes Family members, all Branch applications are at the Family rate and all members of the family become members of the Branch.

A person who can demonstrate full-time enrolment in an elementary, secondary or post secondary institution. Student members do not have a vote and cannot stand for election but otherwise have all benefits.

Institutional ($61.20)
Institutions (libraries, archives) and corporations. Institutional members do not have a vote and cannot stand for election.

Partial Year Membership ($35.70 - available June 1 to October 31)
This membership is an introductory offer for brand new members that allows you to join right away rather than waiting for the next calendar year (this category is also available to those who have not been an OGS member for the past two years and would like to come back).

Available from June 1 to October 31 each year, this membership is valid until the end of December of the year joined. The partial year membership gives you the benefits of an Individual Membership starting the day your membership is processed. You will receive Families and Newsleaf for August and November. Those wishing to receive a full year of Families and Newsleaf should take out a full Individual membership.
updated February 23, 2012