Meetings Held in 2002

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November 16 -- Annual General Meeting and election of the 2003 executive. Afterwards, branch member Barbara Aitken spoke on "Newspaper Resources at Stauffer Library, W.D. Jordan Special Collections and the Music Library at Queen's University: It's All There in Black and White". Barbara recently retired as Public Services Librarian at Queen's University Libraries. She is a Certified Genealogical Record Specialist and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

October 19 -- Christine Adams, consulting specialist in archeological conservation, spoke on "Preserving Historical Artifacts: A Different Sort of Genealogical Record". Members brought in their non-paper artifacts, and Christine gave advice on how best to preserve them. Items discussed were a christening gown; a pair of women's panties; a book from 1795; a sword from the 1860s in a leather sheath; a pair of women's leather shoes and a pair of children's leather shoes, both from the turn of the century; embroidered postcards; a pair of leather spats; and a powderkeg -- minus the powder!

September 21 -- Althea Douglas, genealogist, author and lecturer living in Ottawa, spoke on "Little-Known Records of the Canadian Government for Genealogists".

June 15 -- Show and Tell -- Several branch members discussed recent finds and described good Web sites for genealogical research.

May 11 -- Genealogical Treasures and Tidbits from the Kingston Branch OGS Library Collection --Members of the Library Committee reviewed some of the latest acquistions and other resources in our library.

April 20 -- Beyond the Basics: the Upper Canada Marriage Bonds, Licences and Certificates Collection and the Ontario Department of Natural Resources Land Records Collection (both on microfilm) Held at Queen's Archives -- Heather Home, Public Services Archivist, Queen's University Archives, explained what these records are and their benefit to genealogists. She illustrated her talk with many interesting and informative overheads.

March 16 -- Researching Irish Roots -- Branch member Ron Mann described a number of "cases" from doing research on his own Irish roots, and he concentrated on describing a variety of research sources that were used to solve problems.

February 16 -- Buying a Computer System for Your Genealogy Hobby -- David Kempson's talk was useful for both the first-time buyer as well as the more experienced user looking to upgrade their present system. David covered computers and operating software as well as peripherals such as printers and scanners.

January 19 -- Putting People in their Places: Populating the Kingston Region -- Dr. Brian Osborne, of Queen's University's Department of Geography, exercised his historical imagination to reconstruct the human settlement history and development (Indian, French, British and Canadian) of the lands of the Kingston region, extending from the Bay of Quinte to the Ottawa Valley. His central premise was that genealogists might be aided by, and interested in, the social, economic and political contexts of the times in which their family trees are rooted.

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