Meetings Held in 2001

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November 17 -- Annual General Meeting

The annual reports of Kingston Branch were read by the chairs of the various committees. In addition, Sylvia Waller accepted a Certificate of Appreciation in memory of her late husband, Russ Waller, who died recently. Russ contributed so much to genealogists with his tireless work and publishing of reports, particularly those dealing with loyalists in this area. The book Loyalists in Ontario was presented to the library in memory of Russ. The meeting ended with an extra-large silent auction, where many genealogical publications and treasures were bought to be enjoyed by their new owners.

October 20 -- "The Three Rs of Using Computers for Genealogy: Researching, Recording and Reporting"

Bob Dawes used a data projector to project the information from his computer monitor onto a big screen for the audience to see examples of the things he was explaining. He discussed the use of a CD-ROM drive, the World Wide Web, e-mail, mail lists, newsgroups, Web browsers and genealogical programs such as PAF and Family Tree Maker.

September 15 -- "The Archdiocese of Kingston: History and Records"

Father Brian Price spoke to us about the records of the Archdiocese of Kingston. He gave us the history of the diocese, which began in 1673, as well as information about the archives of the archdiocese and the parish records. He recommended the reference book Built on a Rock: The Story of the Roman Catholic Church in Kingston 1826-1976 by Louis J. Flynn.

June 16 -- Early Ontario History Day

This year, our annual branch outing was to St. Alban's Anglican church in Adolphustown, where Ted Davie spoke about the history of the church, parish and cemetery. His talk was followed by a short walking tour of the church and cemetery. There was opportunity to see the re-enactment of the 1794 landing of the United Empire Loyalists and browse the displays in Adolphustown Park.

May 12 -- "The Rideau Canal -- 8th Wonder of the World -- And the People Who Built It"

Norm Crowder spoke about the construction of the Rideau Canal and the workers, largely Irish, who worked on that late 1820s/early 1830s project, particularly the engineer, John By.

April 21 -- "Using Ontario Land Records for Genealogical Research"

Branch member Paul Woodrow co-ordinated a talk about registry offices, where they are located and what one will find in them. Paul included details about abstract sheets, new developments in land registration, deeds, land surveys and finally APOLROD, a project to preserve the original paper records from 1868 to 1955. He informed us of the storage facilities for these records at the Cataraqui Archeological Research Foundation and the Frontenac Management Board.

March 17 -- "Genealogies to DNAs"

Nancy Simpson, a retired geneticist, talked about how genealogy helped uncover a medical problem. Dr. Simpson and her colleagues studied the pattern of inheritance for a cancerous disease in a specific family.

February 17 -- "Family History Web Page for Beginners"

Bill Anglin talked about his experiences in setting up an "Anglins from Ireland to Canada" Web page. He explained that it was a do-it-yourself project using the reference book HTML4 for the World Wide Web by Elizabeth Castro. Bill indicated that he updates the document within moments of receiving additional data sent by e-mail from family members.

January 20 -- "Frontenac County Schools Museum as a Genealogical Resource"

Wendy Thorburn and Beth Hogan spoke about the Frontenac County Schools Museum as a genealogical resource. The museum is a repository for many old records, school registers and other documents. The holdings include photos of the old schools, students, teachers, documents that illustrate the way people lived way back when, such as the clothes they wore, and teachers' pay.

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