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The Provincial Office, along with the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, houses its library collection at the North York Central Library. While we are grateful for all offers, our collection space is limited and we simply cannot accommodate all book donation requests.

If you feel you have a book of unique genealogical interest that you wish to donate to our library collection, please contact the Provincial Office.

For enquiries regarding donating to one of our branches, please contact the branch of interest. A complete list of all OGS Branches can be found here.

Family Histories

The Ontario Genealogical Society is particularly interested in collecting Family Histories. Our goal is to collect a history of every family with roots in Ontario. Should you wish to have your Family History become part of our collection, we would be pleased to accept it. Please ensure that it is bound in some manner, a binder would suffice. This will ensure that all of your hard work will remain a cohesive collection and also make it easier for fellow genealogists to gain the most benefit from your research.

Please contact us if you are interested in donating your family history.

Family Papers

Many people may also wish to donate their family papers or research collections to the Provincial Office. We regret that we cannot accept these. As an administrative office, we do not have the facilities or the staff to store, maintain and preserve collections of loose documents, family photos, etc. If you wish to ensure the long term preservation your family papers, we encourage you to seek out facilities that are mandated and properly equipped to store and maintain collections of this type.

Once an item has been donated, it is considered to be the property of The Ontario Genealogical Society and, beyond legal requirements, the donor can make no restrictions on its use or eventual disposition.