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Black History

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There has been a steady stream of migration of Blacks into Canada via Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States since the 17th century.

February in Black History Month in Canada

This year, 2010, the theme for Black History Month is “Proud of our History”.

Black History Month
Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Black History Month
Veterans Affairs Canada

Blacks in Canada: A long history
An article written for Statistics Canada

Ontario Black History Society
"dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Black History and heritage"

Chatham-Kent Black History Society
founded in 1992

Alvin McCurdy Collection
Archives of Ontario - "documentation about the lives and activities of the black people of south-western Ontario"

Black History in Guelph and Wellington County
documents, newspaper articles, academic literature, collections

Library and Archives Canada
Canadian Genealogy Centre - Black people

Black Loyalists Digital Collections
"how Canada became the home of the first settlements of free blacks outside Africa."

Africans in Upper Canada
Archives of Ontario

Black History - Canada
A guide to online resources

The Black Historical and Cultural Society of British Columbia
A synthesis of History, Events and Advocacy


updated 02/02/10