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All About Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

A SIG is a permanent group of OGS Members with an interest in a genealogical or heritage topic rather than a particular region of the province. These topic could include but are not limited to a geographic location outside Ontario, an ethnic or cultural group, or an event.

Currently there are four Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Can I Start a SIG?

The rules regarding the creation and operation of an SIG are similar to that of a Branch. To create a SIG requires:

  •   a definition of the topic of interest
  •   at least 25 OGS members who are interested in joining
  •   executive council including a President, Treasurer and Membership co-ordinator
  •   a budget
  •   approval of the Board

Anyone interested in proposing a SIG is invited to contact the Provincial Office ( Proposals will be posted on the website and in NewsLeaf to assist with generating support from members.

Potential SIGs

Interest has been expressed in establishing SIGs for the following topics but not all formation parameters have been met. If you are interested in seeing one of these formed, please contact Provincial Office (

  • Huguenot
  • Métis