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The Scottish SIG is a Special Interest Group of the Ontario Genealogical Society

Photograph by Marc Lanciaux
Annual General Membership Meeting

A short SIG Meeting/AGM will be held during the August 22nd Symposium.

Elections will be held to elect/re-elect SIG Executive. All positions are open to nominations, and nominations will be taken from the floor. Positions are for a two year period to allow for consistency.

If you are interested in filling a position, please have a nominator with you at the AGM. All OGS members may nominate another OGS member for an Executive position. The nominee must also be a member in good standing of the Scottish SIG. Nominees may stand or decline the nomination. Voting will be by show of hands.
Scottish Genealogy Research Symposium

Friday August 22, 2014
Spring Hill Suites by Mariott, Vaughan, Ontario
Speakers ~ Marketplace

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    Scottish Naming Pattern

    I have 37 Henry Fowlers in my tree. And I know there are others I haven't connected to my branches yet. That's part of the Scottish Naming Pattern. This can be a joy or a peeve. Read on


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