Perth County Branch

Ontario Genealogical Society

24 St.Andrew Street Stratford ON
N5A 1A3



    -1842-1848 microfilm available all branches of Archives
    -Hard copy 1842 available Perth OGS $ 3.50 or $5.00 mail
    -1855,1863,1870-1956 available in Listowel
    -1865 alphabetical index available Perth OGS $1.00 or $2.00 mail
    * Council minutes and bylaws available in Listowel. Some years missing

    -Bethel Conservative Mennonite Line 72 Millbank
    -Carthage Methodist Cairn Line 80 Con 11 Lot 6
    -Edgecombe Amish Line 72 Con 7 Lot 4
    -Fairhaven Mennonite Road 121 Lot 15
    -Grace Anglican Line 72 Millbank
    -Gravelridge Line 55 Con 1 Lot 5
    -Greenwood Cobalt St. Milverton
    -Klearview Old Order Amish Road 129
    -Knox Pres/United Line 72 Con 6 Lot 15
    -Millbank Methodist Line 72 Con 6 Lot 16
    -Morningview Amish Line 70 & Road 136
    -North Mornington Presbyterian Line 80 Con 10 Lot 3 & 4
    -Poole Mennonite Road 121 Con 3 Lot 16
    -Poole West (Nafziger's) Line 61 Con 2 Lot 13
    -Riverdale Mennonite Line 72 Con 7 Lot 15
    -St. Johns Lutheran Hesson Line 83 Con 13 Lot 15
    -New St. Johns Lutheran Poole Line 61 Con 3 Lot 15
    -Old St. Johns Lutheran Poole Line 61 Con 3 Lot 14
    -St. Marys RC Hesson Line 83 Con 12 Lot 15
    -St. Pauls Methodist Main St. Milverton
    -St. Peters Lutheran William St. Milverton
    *All cemeteries transcribed and available for research in Stratford & Listowel Archives.
    *Transcriptions also available for purchase from Perth OGS. See publication list for prices.

    -1842 Population returns on microfilm at all branches of the Archives.
    * A hard copy is also available for purchase at Perth OGS $3.50 or $5.00 mail.
    -1848,1850 Head of House microfilm all branches of Archives
    -1851-1901 microfilm all branches.
    *Indexes Stratford & Listowel.
    * Head of House and spouse indexes available for
    -Milverton Village 1881, 91 & 1901
    -Mornington Township 1851, 61, 81, 91 & 1901
    from Perth OGS. See publication list.

    -1858-1869 Marriage Register Index available all branches of Archives
    -1852-1859 BMD Perth Co. Index by D. Walker available all branches
    -1869-1873 Marriage Registration Index by J.Stewart all branches
    -Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms Vol 1-4 microfilm.Index and 200pp publication available from Perth OGS. See publication list for prices.
    Christ Anglican Mornington
    Marriage Register 1892-1898,1899-1910, 1910-1929
    Parish Register 1898-1935
    Millbank Presbyterian
    Marriage Register 1896-1953
    Millbank United
    Minute Book 1928-1965
    St. Marks EUB
    Milverton Registry 1886-1940's
    St.Thomas Anglican
    Parish Register 1872-1886
    North Mornington Presbyterian
    Marriage Register
    Amish Mennonite
    Church Register 1918-1947

    Ontario Vital Statistics Registration Indexes are on microfilm and available at Stratford & Listowel as released.

    -Paths of History Milverton 1881-1981 ( out of print)
    -Mornington History 1857-1957 ( out of print)
    -Mornington by Vera McNichol ( out of print)
    -History of Perth County 1825-1902 ( out of print)
    -History of Perth County to 1967 $20.
    *Available at all branches
    -Perth County 1879 Historical Atlas ( out of print)
    -Perth County 1982 Atlas $80. available Stratford & Listowel
    -Paths of History Perth & Huron ( out of print)
    -Mornington & Its Pioneers( unpublished) by M.McBeth
    *All out of print books available for research in Stratford & Listowel. *There is no history book completed for Mornington nor is any volume being planned .(Unless you'd care to volunteer!)

    -Stratford Weekly Beacon 1855-1890's microfilm
    -Stratford Weekly Herald 1855-1890's microfilm
    -Stratford Daily Beacon 1887-1923 microfilm
    -Stratford Daily Herald 1887-1923
    -Stratford Beacon Herald 1923-1999 microfilm
    -Listowel Banner 1867-1984 microfilm
    -Listowel Banner 1985- present on fiche
    -Listowel Standard 1878-1944 microfilm
    -Atwood Bee 189-1923 microfilm
    -Milverton Sun 1891-1992 microfilm
    -Monkton Times A hard copy only at Listowel
    *(some are too fragile for use)

    *All microfilms of Stratford papers are available only in Stratford. Indexed to 1890's.
    *Listowel papers, Atwood Bee, Milverton Sun are on microfilm in Stratford & Listowel.
    *Complete indexes are in Listowel,
    *Indexes to 1918 in Stratford.

    -Clipping files of recent years are available for local papers in Stratford & Listowel Archives.
    -Bur-Mor Publications Indexes pre 1900 Atwood papers are available at all Archives branches

    Numerous scrapbooks and family histories also available for research in Listowel Archives.

    -Mornington applications are on microfilm at all branches. The Index also includes some maps. See the publications pages for prices.

    -Indexes of registrations are on microfilm and available in all three Branches as follows:
    Births 1914 Marriages 1929 Deaths 1939

    -Brunner W. I. microfilm of minutes
    -Gravelridge W. I. microfilm
    -Tweedsmuir History of Millbank
    *These books are also available in photocopy for research at the Listowel Archives.
    *Tweedsmuir books usually include brief farm histories submitted by members.

    Stratford Perth Archives, Listowel Branch
    260 Main St. Listowel Public Library
    Listowel ON
    N4W 1A1

    Open Mon -Fri 1-5 p.m. Closed all statutory holidays. Research fee of $5.00 daily or $20. yearly in effect for non Perth residents and is valid at all three Archives branches.

    Keep watching for further updates and Mornington resources.

    The Branch is indebted to Past Chair Lynda Greve, for her painstaking work, in assembling ALL of these references by Township.
    May we suggest that you use these, by printing the page, that can then be used as a check list in your research.


    Revised 8th August, 2011