1891 census district 095&1/2h family 001  @ca.on.nipissing_district.kirkpatrick_hugel_ratter_dunnett page 001 film T6355 lds1465780 NIPISSING_DISTRICT geographic file continued from Springer Field Badgerow Caldwell 1891 census district 095&1/2g family 001
1 TREMBLAY Mederic m 34 married - Que Que Que RC farmer
    son of TREMBLAY Etienne and SAINTE_MARIE Philomene
2 TREMBLAY {CHEVRIER} Marie Louise f 20 married wife Que Que Que RC
   linked as maiden name  CHEVRIER Marie Louise
    dtr of CHEVRIER Napoleon and LATULIPPE Eveline
    Mederic and wife Marie Louise married 1889 @ca.on.sudbury_district.sudbury.sainte_anne_rc
    indexed 1998 by OGS Sudbury Branch

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