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"WHO" 1881 Census


WHOLLIN 1881 census 097gg1 family 0009  @ca.qc. ottawa_county_west. masham division 1 page 003 film C13225 lds1375861
    (1800's Ottawa_County later split into Gatineau Papineau Labelle)
01 VAILLANT Joseph m 50 Que RC French farmer married
    s/o VAILLANT Gabriel and wife LACROIX Marie Josephte
    Joseph m1 to WHOLLIN Joanna according to 1859 wedding record
    Joseph widower m2 1859 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.masham.sainte_cecile_rc to PIETTE- TREMPE Agnès dtr of PIETTE- TREMPE Edouard and wife CLUSIAUX Julie
    Joseph 38 and wife Agnès 28 Masham 1871 census district 093e1 family 033
02 VAILLANT {?} Vironoque f 33 Que RC French married
03 VAILLANT Theophile m 20 Que RC French farmer's son
04 VAILLANT Gidani f 18 Que RC French
05 VAILLANT Gabriel m 16 Que RC French farmer's son
06 VAILLANT E. Milien m 13 Que RC French
07 VAILLANT Cicile f 9 Que RC French
08 VAILLANT Hercule m 6 Que RC French
    Masham census research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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