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"SAO" 1881 Census


SAOR 1881 census 114j family 0117  @ca.on.renfrew_county.stafford_township page 030 film C13234 lds1375870 electoral district of Renfrew North
12 SAOR Aaron m 37 Germany Luth German farmer married
13 SAOR {?} August f 34 Germany Luth German married
    SEAR Aron 27 and wife Agusta 22 Stafford Township 1871 census district 082f family 083
    SAAR Aaron 49 and wife Auguste 46 Stafford Township 1891 census district 113j family 101
14 SAOR William m 10 Ont Luth German
15 SAOR Adolf m 8 Ont Luth German
16 SAOR Elizabeth f 5 Ont Luth German
17 SAOR Magdelina f 4 Ont Luth German
18 SAOR Herman m 2 Ont Luth German
19 BESENTAL Louisa f 16 Ont Luth German servant

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