1881 census district 182q family 0028  @ca.on.algoma_district.lefroy_township page 005
WRAY John m 33 Ont Meth English farmer married
    son of WRAY Benjamin and wife Elizabeth
    RAY John 14 with parents Tecumseth 1861 census on390 page 026 line 23
WRAY {CREIGHTON} Annie Jane f 31 Ont Meth Irish married
   linked as maiden name  CREIGHTON Annie Jane
    dtr of CREIGHTON Alexander and wife Rachel
    Ann J. 12 with parents West Gwillimbury 1861 census on379 page 001 line 22
    John of Tecumseh and wife Ann Jane of West Gwillimbury married 1867
    (York County marriage register 1858-1869 v3 p59)
    John 45 and wife Ann Jane 44 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 226
WRAY Rachel f 12 Ont Meth English
WRAY Walter m 10 Ont Meth English
WRAY Albert m 7 Ont Meth English
WRAY William James m 5 Ont Meth English
WRAY Crighton m 3 Ont Meth English
WRAY Nettey Allis f 1 Ont Meth English
    contact John Allan if you have tombstone listings for this family

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