1881 census district 177j family 0164  @ca.on.bruce_county.chesley_village page 034 film C13266 lds1375912 electoral district of Bruce North
BELL Angus m 41 Ont CPresb Scotch carpenter married
    son of BELL John and wife McCALDER Margaret (married 1836-06-12)
BELL {IRELAND} Catherine f 29 Ont CPresb Scotch married
   linked as maiden name  IRELAND Catherine
    dtr of IRELAND Robert and wife McLEOD Isabella (married 1840)
    IRELAND Cathrine 11 with parents Essa Township 1861 census on377 page 025 line 33
    IRELAND Catherine 21 with parents Elderslie Township 1871 census district 028d2 family 037
    BELL Angus and IRELAND Catherine married 1876 @ca.on.bruce_county.elderslie
    BELL Angus 58 and wife and wife Catherine 52 Amabel Township (Saugeen Indian Reserve) 1901 census district 049b5 family 048
    BELL Angus 68 and wife and wife Catherine 58 Amabel Township 1911 census district 059.008.00 family 069
    BELL Angus born 1840 died 1917-03-07 @ca.sk.riverhurst
    Catherine born 1850 died 1946 @ca.sk.riverhurst
BELL Christina f 1 Ont CPresb Scotch
    BELL Christina 21 with parents Amabel Township (Saugeen Indian Reserve) 1901 census district 049b5 family 048
    BELL Christina married 1905 @ca.on.bruce_county.wiarton to HAMBLY William Henry son of HAMBLY Thomas and wife STOCKDALE Charity (married 1854) widower of CRAWFORD Martha (married 1883)
    HAMBLY William 4 with parents Mariposa Township 1861 census on412 page 095 line 22
    HAMBLY William 13 with parents Fenelon Township 1871 census district 053b3 family 052
    HAMBLY William 24 with parents Albemarle Township 1881 census district 177f family 0101
    HAMLEY William H. 35 and wife Martha 32 Albemarle Township 1891 census
    HAMBLEY William 48 and wife Martha 41 Albemarle Township 1901 census district 049a5 family 020
    HAMBLEY William H. 52 and wife Christina 32 Albemarle Township 1911 census district 059.003.00 family 034
BELL Hector m 1/12 born March 1881 Ont CPresb Scotch
    documented by John ALLAN of OGS Sudbury Branch (great_grand_son of BELL Angus and wife Catherine)

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