1881 census district 177f family 0101  @ca.on.bruce_county.albemarle_township film C13276
25 HAMBLY Thomas m 56 Eng Meth English farmer married
1 HAMBLY {STOCKDALE} Charity f 47 Que Meth English married
   linked as maiden name  STOCKDALE Charity
    HAMBLY Thomas of Colborne and STOCKDALE Charity of Goderich Township married 1854-09-18 @ca.on.huron_county.goderich
    witnesses: STOCKDALE John and STOCKDALE Ann.
    Minister DIX Reverend Joseph (Bible Christian) Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West v3 Huron District 1841-1870 page 065
    HAMBLY Thomas 35 and wife Charity 28 Mariposa 1861 census on412 page 095 line 22
    HAMBLY Thomas 47 and wife Charity 38 Fenelon 1871 census district 053b3 family 052
    HAMBLY Thomas died 2 Mar 1891 66
    Charity died 5 Sep 1887 54y 3m 28d buried together with sons HAMBLY Thomas Cluff and HAMBLY John Wesley at Edgehill Cem Colpoy's Bay Albemarle Township Bruce County Ont
2 HAMBLY William m 24 Ont Meth
    HAMBLY William Henry 26 bachelor farmer of Albemarle born Ont Meth m1 1883-06-11 @ca.on.grey_county.keppel.hepworth to CAMERON Martha 24 of Albemarle born Arthur Wellington Co Ont Meth dtr of CAMERON Hector and wife Sarah
    witnesses: HAMBLY John of Bruce and LEGATE Mrs L. of Hepworth.
    minister LEGATE Thomas Ont Vital Statistics 003841-1883 LDS1869761
    Martha died 27 Nov 1903 45y 10m 14d bur Edgehill Cem Colpoy's Bay Albemarle Township Bruce Co Ont
    HAMBLY William Henry widower m2 1905-01-18 @ca.on.grey_county.wiarton to BELL Christina 25 dtr of BELL Angus and wife IRELAN Catherine
    BELL Christina born 31 May 1889 Bruce Co
    William Henry died Regina Sask 1929
3 HAMBLY John m 22 Ont Meth
4 HAMBLY George Wellington m 20 Ont Meth
5 HAMBLY Annie f 12 Ont Meth
married 1890 to CRAIG Charles J. son of CRAIG Mathew and wife Esther
6 HAMBLY Sarah f 10 Ont Meth
7 HAMBLY Charles m 8 Ont Meth
8 HAMBLY Benjamin m 6 Ont Meth
    HAMBLY Benjamin born Fenelon Tp Victoria Co Ont 2 Nov 1874
    source: Ontario Vital Statistics 019765-1874
9 HAMBLY Joseph m 4 Ont Meth
10 ROTHWELL {?} Mary f 56 Ire CofE widow
11 ROTHWELL William Henry m 27 Ont CofE
12 ROTHWELL John m 25 Ont CofE
13 ROTHWELL Edward m 22 Ont CofE
14 ROTHWELL Rebecca f 16 Ont CofE

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