1881 census district 152c family 0145  @ca.on.wellington_county.pilkington page 028 film C13259 lds1375895
22 ANGELL {HAY} Barbara f 39 Scot CPres Scotch widow
   linked as maiden name  HAY Barbara
    dtr of HAY Francis and wife TAILOR/TAYLOR Grace
    Barbara married 1862 to ANGELL Thomas son of ANGELL Hercules Archer and wife SCOTFORD Ann
    Thomas 31 and wife Barbara 29 Pilkington 1871 census district 034a1 family 064
23 ANGELL Hercules A. m 18 Ont CPres Scotch farmer
24 ANGELL Grace f 16 Ont CPres Scotch
25 ANGELL Ann f 15 Ont CPres Scotch
married 1885 to SPALDING David Foote aka SPAULDING David son of SPAULDING Alexander and wife SMITH Margaret Jane
    David 25 and wife Ann 25 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 232
    page 29
1 ANGELL Jane f 13 Ont CPres Scotch
2 ANGELL Elizabeth f 11 Ont CPres Scotch
3 ANGELL Margaret f 9 Ont CPres Scotch
4 ANGELL Thomas m 6 Ont CPres Scotch
    indexed by OGS Sudbury Branch

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