1881 census district 139f2 family 0076  @ca.on.simcoe_county.barrie division 2 page 016 film C13251
17 PURVIS Henry m 29 Ont CofE Irish not given married
    son of PURVIS Henry and wife Jane
    Henry 19 with father and siblings Innisfil 1871 census district 041g3 family 155
18 PURVIS {JOHNSON} Agnes f 19 Ont CofE Irish married
   linked as maiden name  JOHNSON Agnes
19 JOHNSON James m 16 Ont CofE Irish watch maker
20 JOHNSON Samuel m 21 Ont CofE Irish baker
    Samuel married 1883 to PURVIS Sarah dtr of PURVIS Henry and wife Jane
    Samuel 31 and wife Sarah 39 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 221

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