1881 census district 121c4 family 0184  @ca.on.hastings_west.belleville_city division 4 page 038 film C13238 lds1375874
13 EVANS John D. m 37 Ont CofE English p.l.s. c.e. married
    p.l.s. is Provincial Land Surveyor
    c. e. could be civil engineer
    son of EVANS John Henry Walter and wife STEWARD/STEWART/STUART Emma Susanna
    John 48 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 368
14 EVANS {HENRY} Mary E. f 37 NB CofE Irish married
   linked as maiden name  HENRY Mary
    dtr of HENRY Doctor Walter
    John and wife Mary Ellen married 1869 @ca.on.kent_county.chatham
15 EVANS Walter J. m 11 Ont CofE English
16 EVANS Allice f 9 Ont CofE English
17 EVANS Maud E. f 7 Ont CofE English
18 EVANS Annie f 4 Ont CofE English
19 EVANS Violet f 2 Ont CofE English

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