1881 census district 117a family 0106  @ca.on.lennox.amherst_island page 024 film C13235 lds1375871
12 HOSKING Vieta m 23 Eng CofE English farmer married
    s/o HOSKING Archimedes Vista and wife COX Elizabeth
13 HOSKING {WEMP} Minerva f 25 Ont CofE Irish married
   linked as maiden name  WEMP Minerva
    d/o McCORMAC James and wife WEMP Anna according to 1877 wedding record
    HOSKING Victor Arch age 20 and WEMP Minerva Ann age 21 married 1877-09-17 @ca.on.lennox.amherst_island
    witnesses: WEMP John and HOWARD Peter J.
    source: Ontario Vital Statistics number 1877-5932
    HOSKING Vista Archie 33 and wife Minerva 35 Chelmsford and Cartier 1891 census district 046aa family 134
14 HOSKING John B. m 2 Ont CofE English
15 WEMP Hannah f 48 Ont CofE English

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