1881 census district 114h2 family 0046  @ca.on.renfrew_county.ross page 012 film C13234
22 KILLORAN James m 30 Ont RC Irish farmer married
    son of KILLORAN Owen and wife RODDY Margaret
    James 1 with parents Ross Township 1851 census on316 page 009 line 17
23 KILLORAN {SMITH} Sarah f 25 Que RC Irish married
   linked as maiden name  SMITH Sarah
    dtr of SMITH Thomas and wife MULDOON Mary
    James and wife Sarah Henriette married 1878
    Sarah widow m2 1885 to SOUBLIERE Leonard son of SOUBLIERE Regis and wife GAREAU Ursule (married 1851)
    Leonard 35 and wife Sarah 34 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 023
24 KILLORAN Mary Bridget f 2 Ont RC Irish
married 1899 to MCINNES/MCINNIS D. D.
25 KILLORAN John m 18 Ont RC Irish
    page 13
1 KILLORAN Ellen f 13 Ont RC Irish
    indexed by OGS Sudbury Branch

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