1881 census district 104d2 family 0010  @ca.on.russell_county.russell_township division 2 page 003 film C13229 lds1375865 "BONA" in original census document
03 BONIN Theodora m 41 Que RC French farmer married
    son of BONIN Alexis and wife FORGET Agathe (married 1826)
04 BONIN {LAMOUREUX} Liza f 33 Ont RC French married
   linked as maiden name  LAMOUREUX Liza
    dtr of LAMOUREUX François and FRAPPIER Angele
    Theodore and "Lisa" married 1866 @ca.on.carleton_county.ottawa.notre_dame_rc
    Theodore 54 and wife Eliza 49 Russell Township 1891 census district 115h4 family 037
    Theodore 64 and wife Eliza 53 Blezard Township 1901 census district 092g family 035
05 BONIN Gedion m 12 Ont RC French
06 BONIN Sarah f 10 Ont RC French
07 BONIN Mederick m 8 Ont RC French
married 1898 @ca.on.russell_county.russell.embrun to CLEMENT Philomene dtr of CLEMENT Clement and wife LEDUC Philomene (married 1856)
    Philomène 16 with parents Russell 1891 census district 115h4 family 037
08 BONIN Robanle m 6 Ont RC French
09 BONIN Eugene m 4 Ont RC French
married 1903 @ca.on.sudbury_district.blezard.notre_dame_du_rosaire_rc to CHEVRIER Maggie dtr of CHEVRIER Pierre and MALAY Maria
    Maggie 7 with parents Chelmsford 1891 census district 046aa family 072

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