1881 census district 098b family 0138  @ca.qc.pontiac_county.onslow_north page 036 film C13225 lds1375861
20 GILBERT Frederick m 28 Que RC Canadian farmer married
    son of GILBERT George and GOLDEN Bridget
21 GILBERT {SHEEHAN} Margaret f 30 Que RC Canadian married
   linked as maiden name  SHEEHAN Margaret
    dtr of SHEEHAN Edward and O'CONNOR Catharine
    Frederick and wife Margaret married 1874 @ca.qc.pontiac_county.quoyon.sainte_marie_rc
    Frederick 38 and wife Margaret 40 Mattawa 1891 census district 095&1/2b family 045
22 GILBERT Mary f 6 Que RC Canadian
23 GILBERT George m 4 Que RC Canadian
24 GILBERT Edward John m 2 Que RC Canadian

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