1881 census district 097cc family 0138  @ca.qc.ottawa_county.gatineau page 027 film C13225 lds1375861 (1800's Ottawa County later split into Gatineau, Papineau, Labelle)
    "HARBOUR" in original census document
14 ARBOUR Joseph m 38 Que RC French cordonier/shoemaker married
    son of ARBOUR Joseph and TESSIER Eulalie
15 ARBOUR {GALIPEAU} Constance f 50 Que RC French married
   linked as maiden name  GALIPEAU Constance
married 1864 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.gatineau
    Joseph 46 and Constance 60 Nipissing 1891 census district 095&1/2g family 057
    Joseph widower m2 1894 at Ottawa to MAILLE Philomene
16 ARBOUR Justine f 16 Que RC French
    aka Marie Louise
17 ARBOUR Rose-Emma f 10 Que RC French
18 ARBOUR Cleophas m 6 Que RC French
19 GALIPEAU Joseph m 20 Que RC French cordonnier/shoemaker
    research contact for this family is Shannon C. O'Hara-Haworth
    e-mail oharahaworth68@flica.net

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