1881 census district 076c family 0146  @ca.qc.chicoutimi&saguenay.mille_vache page 039 film C13208
GAGNÉ Urbain m 52 Que RC Francais journalier married
    son of GAGNÉ Jean Baptiste and wife BERUBE Victoire (married 1822)
GAGNÉ {ARSENEAULT} Seraphine f 46 Que RC Francais married
   linked as maiden name  ARSENEAULT Seraphine
    dtr of ARSENEAU Basile and wife DUBE Adeline (married 1834)
    Seraphine m1 1852 to GAUDREAU Siffroid son of GAUDREAU Abraham and wife LABERGE Angélique
    Urbain and wife Seraphine married 1853
GAGNÉ Philippe m 19 Que RC Francais journalier
    Phillipe married 1887 to GIRARD Louise
GAGNÉ William m 17 Que RC Francais journalier
    William married 1883 to BOUCHER Anna dtr of BOUCHER Joseph and wife GAGNÉ Marguerite (married 1838)
    William 27 with Anna 26 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 201
GAGNÉ George m 15 Que RC Francais journalier
    George married 1894 to DUBE Adele
GAGNÉ Narcisse m 13 Que RC Francais
GAGNÉ Elaine f 9 Que RC Francais
GAGNÉ Pierre m 5 Que RC Francais
GAGNÉ Elzear m 3 Que RC Francais
    reference: Repertoire des Mariages Haute-Cote-Nord

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