1881 census district 062d1 family 0100  @ca.qc.saint_hyacinthe.saint_barnabe division 1 page 021 film C13202 lds1375838
24 97 100 SASSEVILLE Clafasse m 42 Que RC French bourgeois married
    s/o SASSEVILLE François and wife BOURGEOIS Marie
    SASSEVILLE Cleophas m1 1860 @ca.qc.saint_hyacinthe.saint_barnabe to MESSIER Vitaline d/o MESSIER Augustin and wife LUSSIER Archange
25 SASSEVILLE {LACHANCE- PEPIN} Zoe f 43 Que RC French married
   linked as maiden name  LACHANCE Zoe
   also as  PEPIN Zoe
    d/o PEPIN- LACHANCE Michel and wife CADORET Clarisse
    SASSEVILLE Cleophas widower and LACHANCE Zoe married 1864 @ca.qc.saint_hyacinthe.saint_barnabe
    SASSEVILLE Cleophas widower of PEPIN Zoe dit LACHANCE Zoe
    m3 1886 @ca.qc.saint_hyacinthe.saint_hyacinthe.notre_dame_cathedral to MESSIER Philomene d/o MESSIER Jacques and wife LUSSIER Madeleine
    page 22
1 SASSEVILLE Damaise m 15 Que RC French
    s/o SASSEVILLE Charles and wife PEPIN Zoe according to 1891 wedding record
    SASSEVILLE Damase married 1891 @ca.qc.saint_hyacinthe.saint_hyacinthe.notre_dame_cathedral to BEAUREGARD Clara d/o BEAUREGARD Augustin and wife TÉTREAU Célina
2 SASSEVILLE Joseph m 13 Que RC French
3 SASSEVILLE Georges m 11 USA RC French
4 SASSEVILLE Rock m 9 Que RC French
    s/o SASSEVILLE Charles and wife LACHANCE Zoe according to 1902 wedding record
    SASSEVILLE Roch married 1902 @ca.qc.saint_hyacinthe.saint_hyacinthe.notre_dame_cathedral to BARBEAU Georgiana daughter of BARBEAU Cyrille and wife CHARON Sophronie
5 SASSEVILLE Corine f 7 Que RC French
6 SASSEVILLE Napoleon m 3 Que RC French
7 SASSEVILLE Clafasse m 1 Que RC French
    SASSEVILLE surname research 2007 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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