RUEFFER 1871 census 031a5 family 035  @ca.on. waterloo_county_south. wilmot_township division 5 page 010 film C9942 lds0349158
03 BERG Henery m 43 Germany Luth German farmer married
04 BERG {RUEFFER} Elisabeth f 41 Germany Luth German married
    BERG Henry 26 and wife Elizabeth 27 Wilmot Township 1851 census on361 page 179 line 07
    BERG Henery 55 and wife Elisabeth 56 Wilmot Township 1881 census district 161a1 family 0179
    BERG Henry 65 and wife Elizabeth 66 Wilmot Township 1891 census district 123h3 family 080
05 BERG Catherine f 22 Ont Luth German
06 BERG John m 18 Ont Luth German farmer
07 BERG Cristian m 14 Ont Luth German
    BERG Christian 23 and wife Mary 23 Wellesley Township 1881 census district 162b3 family 0073
    BERG Christian 33 and wife Mary 32 Wellesley Township 1891 census district 122e1 family 026
    BERG Christian 43 and wife Mary 42 Wellesley Township 1901 census district 121e1 family 036
08 BERG Peter m 11 Ont Luth German
09 BERG Emelia f 8 Ont Luth German
10 BERG Henery m 3 Ont Luth German
11 BERG Peter m 76 Germany Luth German farmer married
12 BERG {?} Catherine f 66 Germany Luth German married
    BERG Peter 57 and wife Catherine 47 Wilmot Township 1851 census on361 page 179 line 07
    BERG Peter 86 widower Wilmot Township 1881 census district 161a1 family 0179
    indexed 2000 by Audrey Kunkel of North Bay
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RUEL 1871 census 170b family 135  @ca.qc.gaspe.sainte_anne_des_monts page 036 film C10070 lds0493572
13 093 135 SAVARD {CHOUINARD} Genevieve f 55 Que RC French widow
14 SAVARD Charles m 23 Que RC French pecheur/fisherman
    s/o SAVARD Alexandre and wife CHOUINARD Genevieve
    Charles married 1871 @ca.qc.gaspe.sainte_anne_des_monts to RUEL Marguerite widow of JOURDAIN Alexis
    Charles 31 and wife Marguerite 28 Sainte Anne des Monts 1881 census district 039b family 0128
15 SAVARD Barthelemi m 20 Que RC French pecheur/fisherman
16 SAVARD Genevievre f 15 Que RC French
    Sainte Anne des Monts research by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch
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RUEST 1871 census 167d family 108  @ca.qc.rimouski.bic page 032 film C10367 lds0493571
GAGNÉ Frederic m 46 Que RC Francais married
    son of GAGNE- BELLAVANCE Augustin and ROBIN Thérèse
GAGNÉ {BURNS} Emilie f 42 Que RC Francais married
    dtr of BURNS Barthelemy and ARSENEAULT Emilie
    Frederic and Emilie married 1847
    Frederic widower m2 1874 to SAINT_PIERRE Adele widow of RUEST Charles
GAGNÉ Delphine f 21 Que RC Francais
    "Adele" married 1875 to BEAUPRE Pierre
GAGNÉ Marie f 18 Que RC Francais
married 1877 to BEAULIEU Henri
    son of BEAULIEU Maximien and DUCASSE Suzanne
    Henri 43 with Mary 39 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 011
GAGNÉ François m 17 Que RC Francais
married 1882 to BOUCHER Seraphine dtr of BOUCHER Edward and CARON Marie
    Seraphine 8 with parents St Fabien 1871 census district 167c2 family 093
    Frank 36 and Seraphine 30 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 402
GAGNÉ Eugene m 16 Que RC Francais
GAGNÉ Jean m 14 Que RC Francais
GAGNÉ Elmire f 12 Que RC Francais
married 1871 to LAVASSEUR Joseph son of LAVASSEUR Octave and BERUBE Virginee
GAGNÉ Emilie f 4 Que RC Francais
married 1888 to BEAUPRE Joseph son of BEAUPRE Calixte and CARON Philomene
GAGNÉ Delima f 2 Que RC Francais
married 1885 to WALKER William Philip son of WALKER Joseph and wife Elisabeth
    William Philip 26 and Delima 22 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 333
GAGNÉ Frederic m 6/12 Que RC Francais
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RUEST 1871 census 167e family 153  @ca.qc.rimouski.saint_germain page 050 film C10367
5 MARCOUX Isaac m 52 Que RC French ouvrier married
    ouvrier translates as worker or workman or craftsman or labourer
    son of MARCOUX Jean Baptiste and AUBIN Angélique
6 MARCOUX {GAGNON} Vénérance f 40 Que RC French married
    dtr of GAGNON Louis and TREMBLAY Marie
    Isaac and Vénérande married 1845 @ca.qc.rimouski. sainte_luce_rc
    Isaac 66 and Vénérande 49 Rimouski 1881 census district 040h family 0271
7 MARCOUX Joseph m 21 Que RC French navigateur
8 MARCOUX Eléonore f 19 Que RC French servante
married 1876 @ca.qc.rimouski.saint_germain to BANVILLE Thomas son of BANVILLE Regule and RUEST Agathe
9 MARCOUX Caroline f 16 Que RC French student
10 MARCOUX Alfred m 14 Que RC French student
married 1889 @ca.on.sudbury_district.sudbury.sainte_anne_rc to DION Clementine dtr of DION Clement and LACOSTE Edesse
11 MARCOUX Delvina f 11 Que RC French student
12 MARCOUX Octave m 9 Que RC French student
13 MARCOUX Eugène m 6 Que RC French
14 MARCOUX Marie Anne f 5 Que RC French
married 1889 @ca.qc.rimouski.saint_germain to RICHARD Louis son of RICHARD Joseph and SYLVESTRE Marie
15 MARCOUX Henri m 4 Que RC French
    hyperlinks by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch
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RUETER 1871 census 141a2 family 434  @ca.qc. stanstead_county. stanstead  division 2 page 105 film C10089
01 406 434 RUETER Wellington m 46 Que Universalist American German farmer married
02 RUETER {?} Lucinda f 45 USA WMeth American German married
03 RUETER Clara f 16 Que WMeth American German
04 RUETER {?} Phoebe f 79 USA Congregational American German widow
05 407 434 SMITH {?} Fanny f 49 Que WMeth American German widow
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