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"REF" 1871 Census


REFSOR 1871 census 048a2 family 101  @ca.on.ontario_county_south. pickering_township division 2 page 032 film C9973 lds0349174
01 RESSOR Flavious m 27 Ont - German farmer married
    also linked as REESOR Flavious
    "REFSOR" in original census document
    s/o REESOR Abraham and wife Christina
    REESOR Flavius 9 with parents Pickering Township 1851 census on245 page 227 line 01
    REESOR Flavias 18 Pickering Township 1861 census on274 page 164 line 28
02 RESSOR {BARKEY} Mary f 27 Ont - German married
   linked as maiden name  BARKEY Mary
    REESOR Flavius 37 and wife Mary 37 Pickering Township 1881 census district 132a4 family 0234
    REESOR Flavius Josephus 47 and wife Mary 47 Pickering Township 1891 census district 102b8 family 070
03 RESSOR Elizabeth f 4 Ont - German
04 RESSOR Joseph E. m 1 Ont - German

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