PIAHBEWOSH 1871 census 087b1 family 057  @ca.on.algoma_district.manitoulin_centre division 1 page 015 film C10023 lds0349196
PIAHBEWOSH {?} widow m 42 Ont CofE Indian farmer widow
PIAHBEWOSH dtr m 25 Ont CofE Indian farmer
PIAHBEWOSH John m 18 Ont CofE Indian
PIAHBEWOSH James m 16 Ont CofE Indian
PIAHBEWOSH dtr m 14 Ont CofE Indian
PIAHBEWOSH John William m 12 Ont CofE Indian
    ISBN: 0-7779-0937-5 by OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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PIANO 1871 census 050a2 family 024  @ca.on.durham_county. darlington_township division 2 page 006 film C9977 lds0349175
14 024 024 BATESON Isac m 43 Ont WMeth English farm labourer married
    s/o BATESON Thomas and wife Mary A
15 BATESON {PIANO} Charlotte f 27 Eng WMeth English married
    d/o PIANO William and wife Elizabeth
16 BATESON Mary Jane f 10 Ont WMeth English
17 BATESON Isac m 7 Ont WMeth English
18 BATESON Charlotte f 4 Ont WMeth English
    pages 006 and 007 scanned images
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