NOECKER 1871 census 032e1 family 111  @ca.on. waterloo_county_north. waterloo_village  division 1 page 031 film C9945 lds0349159
04 111 NOECKER Charles m 46 Germany Luth German hotel keeper married
05 NOECKER {SCHMIDT} Anna Eliza f 36 Germany Luth German married
06 NOECKER Charles m 6 Ont Luth German
07 NOECKER Herman m 4 Ont Luth German
08 NOECKER Edwin m 2 Ont Luth German
09 KALBFLEISCH Margaretta f 16 Ont Luth German
10 KALBFLEISCH Catherine f 11 Ont Luth German
11 KALBFLEISCH Magdalena f 9 Ont Luth German
12 KALBFLEISCH William m 13 Ont Luth German
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NOL 1871 census 090f family 115  @ca.on.algoma_district.kaministiquia page 025 film C10024 lds0349196
KERR Hugh m 41 Ire RC Irish blacksmith
DUPUIS Henry m 22 Eng CofE English labourer
SWANSTIN Robert m 24 Moose Factory CofE English labourer
NOL William m 18 Que RC French labourer
RIPPINGTON John m 23 Eng CofE English labourer
SAUNDERS Thomas m 17 Ont RC French labourer
    ISBN: 0-7779-0937-5 by OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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NOL 1871 census 095f family 211  @ca.qc.ottawa_county.saint_andr_avelin page 054 film C10028 lds0493444
11 NOL Joseph m 55 Que RC French fermier married
12 NOL {FORTIER} Hortense f 45 Que RC French married
    " NOIL" Joseph 66 and Artance 56 Saint Andr Avelin 1881 census district 097q family 0307
13 NOL Malvina f 17 Que RC French
    Malvina 35 Saint Andr Avelin 1891 census district 175mm family 072
    Malvina married 1892 to MORENIER Philippe Alexandre Lopold
    MARAIGNER Lopol 72 and Malvina 47 Saint Andr Avelin 1901 census district 160w1 family 097
14 NOL Emmanuel m 15 Que RC French
15 NOL Alzire f 12 Que RC French
16 NOL Emma f 11 Que RC French
17 NOL Rose Anna f 6 Que RC French
    Rose Anna married 1882 to LEVERT Napoleon
    Saint Andr Avelin research 1995-2007 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch
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NOL 1871 census 099m family 147  @ca.qc.terrebonne.sainte_adele page 058 film C10033 lds0493446
4 BEAUCHAMP Sylvestre m 46 Que RC French cultivateur married
    son of BEAUCHAMP Sebastien and LAROCQUE Marie
5 BEAUCHAMP {BEAUCHAMP} Henriette f 50 Que RC French married
    dtr of BEAUCHAMP Pierre and PRESSEAU Marie
    Sylvestre and Henriette married 1847
6 BEAUCHAMP Hernestine f 15 Que RC French
    "adopted dtr of BEAUCHAMP Sylvestre and BEAUCHAMP Henriette"
    "Ernestine" m1 1872 to CHARBONNEAU Isidore son of CHARBONNEAU Isidore and BEIQUE- LAFLEUR Marguerite
    "Ernstine" widow m2 1878 to TRUDEL Wilfred son of TRUDEL Toussaint and NOL Rosalie
    wedding info lds0543728
    indexed by OGS Sudbury Branch 1998 as test data for OGSPI
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NOEQUAGKEGIEKEQUA 1871 census 088b family 100  @ca.on.algoma_district.lake_weuabetabing page 023 film C10023 lds0349196
SHABWASUUG m 58 Ont pagan Indian hunter married
SHEBOKWHISKEQUA {?} Wife f 43 Ont pagan Indian married
KOKOMSTO f 38 Ont pagan Indian
NOCHETAUQUA f 13 Ont pagan Indian
    ISBN: 0-7779-0937-5 by OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
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