LOADINORE 1871 census 077b2 family 346  @ca.on.carleton_county.ottawa.victoria_ward page 094 film C10013 lds0349193
9 SKEAD James m 58 Eng CofS English lumber merchant married
    son of SKEAD William and wife SELKIRK Mary
10 SKEAD {MacKEY} Rosanna f 48 Ire CofS Irish married
    dtr of MacKEY James
    SKEAD James and wife MacKEY Rosina married 1842
11 SKEAD Anne f 21 Ont CofS English
    SKEAD Annie married 1882 to LOADINORE Lyndhurst Robinson
12 SKEAD Ellen Jane f 19 Ont CofS English
13 SKEAD Edward m 17 Ont CofS English
14 SKEAD Bella f 14 Ont CofS English
    SKEAD Isabel married 1887 to STEWARD/STEWART/STUART John
15 SKEAD Nelly f 12 Ont CofS English
    SKEAD Eleanor married 1889 to McRAE Hector son of McRAE John and wife Catharine
16 SKEAD Kate f 10 Ont CofS English
    SKEAD Katherine married 1886 to BELL William
    Town of Skead near Sudbury named after SKEAD Kate
17 DUNN John m 29 Ire RC Irish servant
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