1871 census district 166e family 065  @ca.qc.temiscouata.cacouna_village page 016 film C10365
DUMONT Martial m 50 Que RC fisherman married
    son of DUMONT Jean Baptiste and wife BEAULIEU Marguerite
DUMONT {DESCHAINE} Olive f 46 Que RC married
   linked as maiden name  DESCHAINE Olive
    dtr of DESCHAINE François and wife LAUZIER Celeste
    Martial and Olive married 1842 @ca.on.temiscouata.cacouna.saint_george_rc
    Martial 60 and wife Olive 56 Temiscouata 1881 census district 041f family 0024
DUMONT Arthiroule f 26 Que RC jultitutrice
DUMONT Claire f 24 Que RC coututiele
DUMONT Orelia f 19 Que RC jultitutrice
DUMONT Josephine f 20 Que RC
    DUMONT Josephine married 1879 @ca.qc.temiscouata.cacouna.saint_george_rc to JOLIVET Joseph widower of BLANCHET Cedule
DUMONT Achille m 23 Que RC journalier
DUMONT Auguste m 14 Que RC
    DUMONT Auguste married 1888 to GAGNON Adele
DUMONT Marie f 12 Que RC
married 1879 @ca.qc.temiscouata.cacouna.saint_george_rc to OUELLET Alphonse son of OUELLET Pierre and wife THIBOUTOT Adeline
    Alphonse 32 and wife Marie 32 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 139
DUMONT Jean Baptiste m 10 Que RC
DUMONT Virginee f 7 Que RC
married 1885 @ca.qc.temiscouata.cacouna.saint_george_rc to SIROIS Horace son of SIROIS Benoni and wife SIROIS Emilie-Semire
    SIROIS Horace 9 with parents Temiscouata 1871 census district 166d family 120
    SIROIS Horace 20 with parents Temiscouata 1881 census district 041f family 0041
    SIROIS Horace 28 and wife Virginia 26 Sudbury 1891 census district 095&1/2j family 307
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