1871 census district 092g1 family 024  @ca.qc.pontiac_north.riviere_creuse page 006 film C10025 lds0493443
16 BURK/BURKE George Thew m 38 Ont RC Irish agent married
    employer BRONSON and WESTON saw mill (census remarks column)
    son of BURK/BURKE George Robert and wife FOGARTY Margaret
17 BURK/BURKE {GOUGEON} Justine f 22 Ont RC French married
   linked as maiden name  GOUGEON Justine
    dtr of GOUGEON Arsene and wife EVANS Catherine (married 1847)
    "BINKE" George and " GRISHEN" Justine married 1867
    BURK/BURKE George 49 and wife Justine 34 Rolph 1881 census district 114i family 0074
    BURK/BURKE George 57 and wife " Mary" 38 Pontiac 1891 census district 176w family 091
    BURK/BURKE George and wife Justine Mattawa 1901 census district 092o1.1 family 048
18 BURK/BURKE George m 3 Que RC Irish
19 BURK/BURKE Catherine Margaret f 2 Que RC Irish
20 MOORE Emily f 14 Que CofE Irish servant

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